About Us

Who I am:

My name is Justin Gravelle, a 25-year-old accountant from Toronto, Canada who happened to fall in love with a beautiful woman diagnosed with Celiac disease. I have witnessed first hand the day-to-day hardships that a Celiac faces. Seeing her suffer on a regular basis had taken its toll. I felt helpless, as all I could do was comfort her. I needed to do more for her!

When she had mentioned the Gluten-Free tax claim, I instantly became intrigued. Upon further research, very few Celiacs were taking advantage of this hidden gem, and for obvious reasons. It is one giant pain in the butt! Nobody has the time or the patience for complicated spreadsheets and tedious calculations. It hardly seemed like a real "benefit" at all. With that said, CeliTax was born.

I promised her I would fix this issue, so myself, as well as my technical team worked hard to bring all of you a much simpler, easier way to get the tax deduction you deserve!


-Justin Gravelle